Offering Unique Treasures Handmade with Natural and Organic Materials

“We journey as one, knowing we are united in our vision to Be Light and to serve through our Nomadic Wonders as we discover the least traveled paths of life.” – Jax, Founder of Be Light Outreach and Nomadic Wonders Market

Who Are We

Nomadic Wonders is a family-owned and operated market. We support the grassroots movement with a desire to promote all things life and light. What do we mean by that? Our market focuses on handmade and privately grown goods that promote wellness, harmony, and balance for our bodies.

What We Believe

Our bodies are our temples. We must take care of them in order to become useful tools of purpose in this chaotic world. For us, light is the thread that holds all created things under one woven blanket. We support The Light of the Creator that rejuvenates everything so that we can enjoy life abundantly.

Why Nomadic Wonders?

Driven by our spiritual journey, we have come to embrace a more nomadic mindset. Our path started as we decided to embark on a new way of life – owning less, moving more, and creating experiences to help others. Today, we are live in our RV and travel throughout the nation sourcing special treasures created by gifted and kindred artisans.

Our Featured Artisans

Our featured artisans are one-of-a-kind individuals who offer solutions for life. They are humbly grateful for the opportunity to support their own families and be part of the greater good.

Be Light Vision

Our vision is to spread the idea of being the solution through acts of kindness and outreach projects. With a strong desire to return to the ways of nature for answers, we encourage everyone to be the “Light Beings” we were created to be. For the Light of the World is our greatest teacher. Through its creation, we learn to be more true to ourselves. We show the lessons we learned through our actions while encouraging others to come together to do the same.