Jax Tolan, Co-Owner and Founder

As co-owner of Nomadic Wonders and founder of Be Light, Jax Wilson has always been motivated with creating and helping others in less fortunate situations. After high school she put herself through college to get her degree in early childhood education while working a full-time job. After becoming a head preschool teacher, Jax turned her attention to her own growing family and became a stay at home mom. Mother of five children, her days are filled with mommy duties and applying her education and skills into her own kids.

After her fourth child turned 3 years old, a new world opened for Jax in the modeling industry. She modeled for 6 years around the tri-state area and enjoyed building a very diverse working network. Finding herself always helping other fellow models avoiding scams and giving tips on building a good portfolio, the opportunity arose for her to open her own modeling agency.

 For 3 years, “Jax Modeling Agency” offered new local talent in the tri-state area the opportunity to learn and get their feet in the modeling business. Soon after she took a different turn in life and her focus once again turned to her children, herself and doing charitable work. She created Be Light Ministries to spread a message of Light and paying it forward and to educate others on her favorite super tree, Moringa. Attending many different vending events with a team she put together, Jax was able to introduce many people to the amazing benefits of this subtropical tree.

Along this time, she continued educating herself on many other: health, nutritional and natural remedies that ignited a passion to continue to help others in a new way. Her new interest for the holistic and natural world birthed a desire in her to live a simplified lifestyle in an RV. Today Jax lives a nomadic lifestyle in her RV with her partner and eighteen-month daughter. Currently her attention is on being a personal health and nutritional coach helping others achieve better health and greater balance in life. Her goals for the future are still manifesting, but one thing is for sure, Jax would love to open up her own plant base Health and Wellness resort equipped with its own clinic, spa, and café and dance studio.

Andre Bland

Certified in Personal Training; Group Fitness; Inflammation; Hormones and Metabolism;  Andre has a fiery passion for health and fitness.  He is a Virginia native that loves to travel and explore the world.  As a certified trainer, he contributes articles on a wide variety of topics to pass on what he has learned to others.  From drawing to painting, to working with children and even animals, from playing chess to playing Super Smash Bros, Andre simply likes to have fun and we welcome him to the Be Light Family!