Helping HandsCheck out a few past projects made possible through the donations and sales from products in our market. We would like to be able to pay it forward even more so in the years to come with your help. How can you help?

A portion of the proceeds from each product purchase will be used to fund our outreach projects. If you would like to donate to our charitable outreach, please make a purchase in our marketplace or send a general donation via PayPal.

Abraham and Family Refugee Camp Support in Ghana, Africa

Be Light was able to assist with commodities such as food, clothes, water. Also we were able to provide Moringa seeds to start a Moringa Garden that will help bring medicine and food to the camp.

PW Greenhouse Project

An injured and handicapped Vietnam veteran had been seeking assistance with some medicine and food. Be Light was able to assist many times with groceries and necessities. Be Light as also able to raise funds for materials for an ongoing greenhouse project that has been dear to PW’s heart. Thank you to all the different volunteers who traveled to the property to help with getting the greenhouse up.

We are hoping to complete this project this year!  Let us know if you wish to volunteer.  Read more

Pamela and Wilhelmina and Carmelle L.

Be Light was able to assist raise the funds  she needed to move before November 3, 2013  and was able can relocate to the safer residence click here to read more and meet this need.

Brittany Quiles Ding Dong Dash Philly!

This was an outreach project where Be Light received donations for baby clothing and items that went to assist the young single mother and her baby. Thank you so much for those that sent in donations!! You made her day! Thank you for the assistance we received with the delivery of the items right to Brittany’s door.

Judy Sims Project Outreach New Mexico

Be Light was able to assist with Food and wood supply for the winter and send funds towards her project.

Thank you to all that donated to this cause. Read More

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