Our product comes from a farm in Southern California who have been growing moringa and making moringa products longer than anyone else in the industry. They have the experience to make the very best moringa leaf powder. All those years of trial and error has paid off. Our moringa is grown organically and with the best soil and tested for quality. The tests include: Standard Plate count, Coliforms, E-Col i, Salmonella, Fungus and Mold.

Ingredients: 100% Moringa Leaf Powder

Directions for Use:

Food: Add to any food your are eating just before serving. It is a Superfood, nutrient dense and easy to assimilate.

Tea: Stir one quarter teaspoon into an 8 oz cup mix with honey or maple syrup. Squeeze a lemon then add hot water. Water should be very hot but not boiling to preserve the vitamins. Stir occasionally as the powder may settle. Drink the powder! The nutrition is in the powder. Chill for ice tea.

Raw: Mix a small amount of cold water with a quarter teaspoon of Moringa Leaf Powder to make a paste. Continue adding more water and stir until you have added 8 ounces. Or add it to your favorite juices and smoothies.

Moringa Leaves Ground 1/2 lb. bag
$23.50 + Shipping


This is an all over body healing cream! It contains the healing properties of Moringa Seed Oil that helps regenerate skin cells and promotes deep tissue healing. This healing cream is combined with pure organic coconut oil and helichrysum oil. Helichrysum oil also contains healing properties known as immortelle for its deep healing of wounds and scars. Helichrysum mixed with Moringa Oil also known for these same attributes, amplify healing.

Ingredients: Moringa seed oil, pure organic coconut oil and helichrysum oil

Directions for use: Apply to rashes, dry skin, infections, cuts, burns and any place on the skin that needs healing.

Moringa Rose Cream
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Studies have shown the amazing effects of moringa Seed Oil. One of these beneficial effects is that it regenerates skin cells. When Moringa seed oil is applied to skin rashes, cuts, burns, it soothes and promotes rapid healing . It is very safe, 100% organic and edible because it is non-toxic . It has a mild nutty smell.. Move over Neosporin because Moringa Seed Oil is in the House!! Add it to your first aid kit for cuts, scrapes, wounds, burns, rash, bites, stings etc. and other infections- Because of its anti-aging properties, this oil is found in many cosmetic companies’ formulas. Apply to the face and neck area for anti-aging and hydrating beauty routines. You can also use it on your pet’s wounds and not worry it being toxic to them. Keep a bottle in the bathroom, in the kitchen and in you first aid kit. You never know when it will come in handy. Other uses include inflammation, psoriasis, eczema and shingles and ear infections!

Moringa oil is 100% seed oil cold pressed. There is no carrier oil added.

A small drop goes a long way.This oil is high in anti-oxidants and overall a very great choice for your skin and wounds.

Ingredients: 100% Moringa Seed Oil

Our Moringa Seed Oil will congeal and change color in cooler weather. This means you have good unprocessed oil!

Moringa Seed Oil

$15.50 + Shipping

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