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Introduction to Moringa

By Jax Tolan

Welcome to Moringa Wisdom! By now, you may have heard something about Moringa, or, like most people in the western world, do not have any idea what moringa is all about. What is moringa? Moringa Oleifera is a plant native to India but that has been cultivated in Africa, Asia, Latin America and other subtropical regions. It is known by a few names, such as “drumstick tree”, and “horseradish tree”. It is widely called the miracle tree not only for the amazing nutritional and healing properties found in the entire plant, but also because every part of the plant can be used and consumed.


Black Seed Oil

By Jax Tolan

Nigella sativa, also known more commonly as Black seed, comes from a plant native to Asia, Eastern Europe and the Middle East. For more than 2,000 years, the seeds have been used as medicine. It has been discovered that some were found stored in King Tutt’s tomb and the oil was said to be used by Cleopatra. It contains many active components including thymoquinone, thymol, carvacrol.

Some ailments that Black seeds have been used for are to treat headaches, toothaches, asthma, arthritis, infections. Most recent years, they have been used for treatment of diabetes, asthma and high blood pressure. Black seed oil has also been used as treatment of skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis and flat warts.  Digestive problems have also been treated with the use of black seed oil.