You Just Might Surprise Yourself

By Andre Bland

It is extremely difficult for any of us to actually surprise ourselves. Because to surprise oneself, one has to break routine and do something we’ve never done before to the point where it does not meet the expectations or perceptions that we’ve set forth. What we oftentimes find is that our expectations are not just extremely low, but our focus is off, we get distracted, furthermore, we lack belief in ourselves and those around us. The thing is we can truly do anything we set our minds to. 

Character and Attitude Does Matter

By Andre Bland

There are times when life just seems to spiral out of control. Due to circumstances at times, it seems as if there is absolutely nothing we can do to prevent the chaos. Who has experienced a car crash or maybe a pipe bursting in one’s house? Who’s had a family member die or had three tests and a ton of schoolwork all due around the same time? I’m sure most people can relate to the levels of stress that each event entails, and this stress meter skyrockets astronomically if we let it, especially when more than one seemingly bad thing is happening all at once. 

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