Why Offer Health and Nutrition Coaching Services

Our goal is to help you achieve a healthier and more balanced lifestyle. There are so many excellent plans and ideas regarding health and diets, and they can be confusing and overwhelming when deciding on one that fits best for your own personal needs. Understanding this gave me the perspective that no one plans is a fit for all because we all heal and metabolize differently according to our unique body types. For this reason, I decided to design packages that work with the individual’s needs and symptoms according to their body type.

What We Do

Using functional medicines and holistic strategies, we can get to the root causes of the health and mental issues that are keeping us from being in a state of wholeness. We are given hints on the type of “body” we are by examining how the body reacts to an unhealthy issue. Some body types when expressing symptoms will carry their weight all over, others below the waist, others above the waste and yet others look like they are wasting away to nothing. All are expressions of problematic health symptoms in the body. Once the root causes are corrected through personalized programs, we encourage our client to take the reins and maintain a balanced and healthy state. We will guide our clients through this process and provide tips and resources to ensure you continue a wholesome lifestyle.

Philosophies We Use

There are different ancient and modern philosophies that have enlightened us about the different body types as we see in the ancient Indian practice such as Ayurveda. Ayurvedic medicine takes a closer look at the different Doshas, which are the forces that create the physical body. We combine these different eastern ideas with a functional western medicine technique to lock into the root causes of the health issues. We use these as a guide for your self-healing process while correcting any imbalances throughout the body.

Our Services

Our services focus on the entirety of the person such as mind, body and spirit. We believe a wholesome body is important to be able to achieve our purposes and dreams in life. We look deeper at strongholds that could be holding you back from progress. We strongly believe that healing and wellness can be achieved by healing the gut and GI track through proper nutrition tailored to you; we will teach you how to give your body the right conditions so that you can heal yourself. Through our programs, you will have access to our free nutritiously delicious recipes and DIY home remedies to tend to any illnesses.