“Thank you for allowing me to walk alongside this journey with you. My job won’t be to heal you but to help you heal yourself while guiding you into a lifestyle that brings wellness and balance.” – Jax

My Coaching Services

I will examine your body type and symptoms to tailor a health wellness plan specifically for you. After submitting the Free Health Consultation Form, we will begin your journey to wellness by choosing one of our health coaching packages: Optimal Temple Health or Optimal Temple Health

Another great option is our weekly meal plans.  We create a grocery list that will make it easy to budget for the essentials needed for your weekly meal plan. I may also make suggestions for supplements to help repair the gut and address vitamin and mineral deficiencies. I am excited to get started and see you bloom into a better, version of yourself.

I am not a doctor and one should consult their own personal practitioner before starting a health or diet plan. By purchasing one of the packages below, you accept the terms of our Coaching Disclaimer and Waiver AgreementOur agreement terms may change at any time, please read the waiver prior to purchase.

Optimal Temple Health $375

Are you ready to find your optimal self?  Then this package is right for you.  Achieve your health goals through lifestyle modifications and reset your body to its intended function. Look your best and feel your best!

We will cover the 8 laws of health and discover how to eat for your specific body type. We will uncover the root causes to any health concerns and shift our focus to getting healthy first to correct  any weight issues.

This program is 30 days.

  • 1 FREE 45 min consultation
  • 30 min weekly Skype or phone Coaching sessions- 4 per month
  • printable complete evaluation and personalized program
  • Master grocery list and meal planning assistance
  • 4 phases body and environment  restoration guide
  • Free eBook-  Healthy Treat Alternative Recipes
  • access to text and email support between coaching sessions
  • Free Moringa Powder

Keto Temple Health $385

Today all the rave is a Ketogenic Diet. But did you know there is a very unhealthy way to go about this new fad? Yes there is! Together we will gently and safely get your body into Ketosis. Our healthy keto program is paired with Intermittent Fasting using Dr. Berg’s Method. We will discover the right foods to eat for your body type. We will correct any habits that are keeping you from reaching your ultimate health and body goals. If you have been wanting to try  keto but have been afraid to do so, then this package is for you.

This program is 30 days.

  • 1 Free  45 min. consultation
  • 30 min. weekly Skype or phone coaching session- 4 per month
  • 4 phases body restoration guide
  • Printable evaluation and personalized Keto Plan with health goals and exercise guide.
  • Free eBook- Healthy Treat Alternative Recipes
  • Guide on correct eating for your body type using the Berg method
  • Master Grocery List
  • Meal planning assistance

If you are a member of the Temple Health Tribe please in inquire about our discounted rates. You must be part of the group to qualify.

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